Greetings to you in Jesus Name and welcome to another great week.
We are continuing in our series this month and today I will like us to take a look at another key that gives access to Divine wisdom. It is the key of Prayer.With regards to our quality walk with God, prayer is an indispensable force and one of its unfathomable wonders is that it gives access to Divine Wisdom.

James 1:5 “ But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.”” GNT

The story of Solomon in 1 Kings 3 validates the Scripture above. The Bible testifies that God gave him a wise and understanding heart in response to his request in prayers and at the frequency of supernatural wisdom, Solomon became one wise King that stood out among all the kings in his days.

Rather sadly, many believers have limited prayers to sessions of just asking for material things from God. Granted, we have a need for material things but prayers for wisdom are a lot more essential. This is more so because materials will fade and get outdated with time but the wisdom of God will remain a valuable asset at all times and seasons.

In you is a greater than Solomon by redemption so I beseech you to place a high value on Divine wisdom and pray for it continuously.

God BLESS you.
Jide Owomoyela