Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ and welcome to the month of May 2017. There is a saying that April showers bring in May Flowers, and because flowers represent fruitfulness; my prayer for you is that this month, you will experience fruitfulness in all areas of life, in Jesus’ name.

This month, we will be exploring the subject of FAITH and how to apply it to our lives in a series I have titled: The Mystery of Faith. I’ll like to begin by mentioning right away that the subject of FAITH is the very core of Christianity.

 ” … and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.”  – Acts 6:7  

The scripture above shows that before the apostle were called Christians, their lifestyle was referred to as THE FAITH. This connotes that FAITH is the anchor of Christianity and everything single thing we do as Christians is done by Faith. This is the one reason we are called believers.

FAITH is therefore the base of Christianity and to succeed as Christians, we must pay keen attention to our Faith. Also, if we are to live by Faith, then we must of necessity commit ourselves to constantly and tirelessly building up of our Faith.

I therefore urge us to make this month that month we will invest time and resources into building up our FAITH because the quality of our Christian adventure depends on it.

Again, welcome to the month of May 2017,  your month and my month of all-round fruitfulness.

God BLESS you.

Jide Owomoyela

*** Watch out for next week’s edition of the series: The Mystery of Faith