Week of November 16 2015

Heaven on Earth Greetings to you and welcome to the 2nd  half of November 2015.
To begin this latter part of the month, let us examine another enemy of Praise. It is called SORROW.

Like genuine praise, sorrow flows from the heart, so when a heart is filled with sorrow, it chokes Praise.

James 5:13 “…Is any merry? let him sing …” KJV

The verse of scripture above shows clearly that God does not permit in His ears, a song from a heart filled with sorrow. That was why Apostle Paul admonished members of the church in Philippi to rejoice in the LORD always (Philippians 4:4).

Naturally speaking, there could be times when things or situations may suggest sorrow but we ought to disallow such and rather rejoice in the LORD. Our focus in such times should be on the faithfulness of God who has promised that such situations are just temporary (2 Corinthians 4:17). Sorrow blocks connectivity and access to God, therefore He would not hear your songs if it comes from a sorrowful heart.

In times of trials, never allow sorrow to settle in your heart, reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God and celebrate Him in “High Praise”.

God BLESS you
Wonders Without End!

Jide Owomoyela