From Glory to Glory Greetings to you in Jesus Name and welcome to this new week. It is the last full week of this month and it promises to be a week of empowerment!

In the previous weeks, we’ve examined the place of prayer and that of fasting in seeing the Glory of God but this week, let’s see one hindrance to the Glory of God, which is SIN.

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God…” KJV

The verse of scripture above shows that sin makes one fall short of the Glory of God. That was the very state we all were in, before Christ came to redeem mankind. Now we can have access to the Glory of God when we choose to receive Him as Lord and savior and fulfill every other requirements.

One the other hand, there are those who have at one time received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour but still live in sin; such people cannot see His Glory even with much prayer and fasting, because God detests sin.
Today, people have tried to define or redefine sin in a way that permits them to accommodate ungodly acts and practices comfortably while still claiming to be Christians. They are simply living a life short of the Glory of God.

If we must move from “From Glory to Glory,” then we must commit to a lifestyle of Godliness; we must embrace righteousness and hate all forms of sin, even as we take advantage of His Grace that empowers us and gives us dominion over sin.

The Glory of God is real but sin blocks access to it. As you stand with God in righteousness, you will soon begin to share numerous testimonies of the reality of encounters with the Glory of God.

God BLESS you
From Glory to Glory!

Jide Owomoyela