Exemption greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ and welcome to the month of September – the 9th month of the year 2017. The ninth month is usually the month of delivery so this month, I urge you to expect  Supernatural deliveries of all your expectations by the Power of God. For those of us in North America, it is also the “back to school” month so this month, we will be exploring the secrets of success and I will like to kick-start this first week with the secret called: Planning.

Success does not come by accident; it is a result (or the outcome) of a process. This implies that every success is to be worked out. The “work out” that results in success is referred to as Planning.

In my personal observation, I have seen a lot of people have great expectations but with little or no plan towards the realization of those expectations. While traveling with a large crowd in Luke 14:28, Jesus clearly spoke about the place of adequate planning in a man quest for greater heights in life thus:

Luke 14:28 “For which of you wanting to build a tower does not first, having sat-down, calculate the cost to see whether he as enough for the completion?” DLNT

The tower in the illustration above could be likened to outstanding success which means that every outstanding success is a product of a good plan. If for instance you desire to succeed as a student this semester, the plan towards that goal should begin now!

Start making specific, concrete and direct plans towards the areas of your life where you desire outstanding success today, and as you do so, your results will become testaments of proper planning.

I strongly await your testimonies of outstanding success as you begin the plan NOW.

God BLESS you
Jide Owomoyela