Greetings to you in Jesus Name and welcome to Week 4 in our series on Praise Nullifiers. As we conclude this series for the month, it is very important not to skip this very deadly nullifier of Praise called PRIDE.

Pride connotes a state where someone refuses to appreciate and/or acknowledge God for the good happenings in his or her life. Every good event in our lives is traceable to God so as mortals, we owe Him Thanksgiving and Praise in return but a proud person will never consider giving Praise to God.

James 4:6  ”. . . God resists the proud; . . .”   NKJV

God indeed resists and opposes the proud-hearted. This is evident in the case of King Herod in Acts 12:21-27. The Bible records that he refused to give Glory to God for the great commendations he received from men. God considered it as pride and he suffered severe consequences. His story is a perfect example of just how much God detests pride.

God demands Praise from us and refusal to give Him Praise is considered as Pride.

I am persuaded that you are not proud-hearted. This is why I am sure that like David; you will bless Him at all times (Psalm 34:1).

God BLESS you!

Jide Owomoyela