Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ.
It’s been a very interesting series, as we end this series for the month on Laws Of Success, I’ll like us to examine another vital law: The Law of Planning.

Success does not come by accident, success is a result (or the outcome) of a process, so every success is worked out. The “work out” that results in success is called Planning.

A lot of people have great expectations in life but they have little or no plans to back up these expectations. In His teaching in Luke 14, Jesus clearly pointed out the place of adequate planning in every aspiration to attain great heights in life thus:

Luke 14:28  “For which of you wanting to build a tower does not first, having sat-down, calculate the cost to see whether he has enough for the completion?.“  – DNLT

The key-point in the illustration above is what makes for outstanding success. This implies that every outstanding success in life is a product of a good plan.

Start making specific, concrete and direct plans today, towards the areas of your life where you desire outstanding success and as you do so, your results will be the proof that you had planned well.

I sincerely await your testimonies of outstanding success.


Jide Owomoyela

*** Watch out for next week’s edition of “From Pastor Jide’s Desk”