Project Description


Greetings to you!

Welcome to your season of Heaven on Earth, as you know, one thing that is ever constant in Heaven is Praise, therefore you must make Praise your lifestyle beginning from now till eternity.

Psalm 47:7 “For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.” KJV

The scripture above suggests that Praise must be sung with understanding, so there is need to have a good understanding of what Praise is so we can use it effectively for our harvest and turnaround.

What is Praise? Praise is simply the adoration of God for who He is.

Praise focuses and celebrates the personality and ability of God, the more of God you know, the richer your praise will be. Strive to know Him more and praise Him continually.

Again welcome to your season of Heaven on Earth and Wonders without end.

God BLESS you!
Jide Owomoyela