From Glory to Glory Greetings and welcome to another week.
I’ve named this week a “cross-over” week because the end of the week moves us into the 2nd and better half of the year 2016. In concluding this series on “Growing up Spiritually,” it is wise not to leave out the place of RIGHT ASSOCIATION because the company you keep is an important determining factor in your spiritual growth.

In a recent personal study on the pillars of human development, I found out that cooperation is a key pillar in development. This term simply refers to association with groups and communities that will enrich our lives. Interestingly, this concept works in our spiritual growth as well.

Proverbs 27:17  17 ” Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” KJV

The company you keep has a big effect on your growth. When you move with those who give serious attention to their spiritual growth, you will also grow. On the flip side, when you associate with people who do not have their personal growth as a priority in life, your growth will become stunted.

The truth of this discus is that there is no neutral ground. You are either growing spiritually or you are on a spiritual declivity; therefore, as we cross into the 2nd half of the year, I’ll like you to challenge yourself. Take heed to all the lessons in this series this month and make this season a time of rapid spiritual growth.

I implore you to make a choice to grow spiritually today. Set a goal for yourself, draw out a plan and work out the plan. Remember, 2016 is our year of From Glory to Glory!

God BLESS you
From Glory to Glory!

Jide Owomoyela

*** Watch out for next week’s edition of: – From the Pastor’s Desk