Greetings to you and welcome to yet another great week!
We are still staying on our focus for this month, which is on the subject of Vision (Divine Plan & Purpose) and Divine Direction, and as we continue to explore those “little foxes” that hinder men from fulfilling their purposes in life and destiny, this week, I’ll like to share with us another “little fox” to avoid. It is known as ISOLATION.

Isolation in this context means refusing to relate to persons who matter to your destiny. By experience, I have come to discover that in your journey to fulfilling your God-given vision, God strategically places destiny helpers on your path but rather, unfortunately, many people are known to isolate themselves from these ‘destiny helpers.’

Hosea 4:6 “. . .But how tragic it is for the one who is all alone…“My people are destroyed because they have not learned. You were not willing to learn. . . .” GW

A wise man once opined that “a single tree cannot make a forest” and the wise king Solomon further buttressed this in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

The life and earthly ministry of our LORD and savior and Jesus Christ equally reflected the truth that destiny requires networking with the right people. He had 12 disciples that lived with him, some of which later became great “pillars” of Christianity after His death and resurrection.

In Daniel 2:17, we see that Daniel was not in isolation in Babylon. He had Shadrach, Meshach and Abegnego as friends (these were the destiny helpers who joined him in prayers concerning the King’s Dream).

In 2 Kings 5, the Bible records an amazing example in the story of the mighty and honorable captain of the host of the King of Syria, Naaman. He was very sick and all he needed to be healed was information from his little maid.

Many people have lost track in the pursuit of their glorious destiny just because of isolation. It will be an error to be part of that statistic. Remember that you are a child of Destiny so go head and embrace all your God-ordained relationships so you can colorfully fulfill your glorious destiny.

God BLESS you.

Jide Owomoyela

*** Watch out for next week’s edition of “From Pastor Jide’s Desk”