Week of April 27, 2015

Heaven on Earth Greetings.

It’s the last week of the month already, God has preserved your life and mine to see the end of another month, to Him be Glory and Praise.
It’s my joy to announce to you that this final week of the month of April will be your week of: Divine Encounter.

All through history, men and women have recorded profound encounters with God. One of such recorded encounters occurred in Luke 24, after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight. They asked each other,‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:31-32 – KJV)

A few days before then, the disciples had watched Jesus being betrayed, tried, mocked, flogged, and crucified. That afternoon, confused and disappointed with that experience, Cleopas and a fellow disciple took a seven-mile trip from Jerusalem to Emmaus. The events of the previous week was on their mind on that trip and as they walked and talked. Completely unknown to them, Jesus himself showed up and walked along with them. (vs. 15).

They narrated the Jerusalem event to “this stranger,” who in turn “walked them from Genesis to Revelation”, explaining to them that Jesus had only fulfilled scriptures by his death and resurrection. (vs. 26)

That night, as Jesus broke the bread at dinner, “their eyes suddenly opened” and they saw right there with them was indeed “Jesus of Nazareth”.

The answer to your long-awaited desire is just around you but you need an eye-opening encounter to see it.

This week, as we celebrate the 34th anniversary of the liberation mandate, position yourself for an encounter with the Holy Spirit and also expect diverse encounters during the remaining days of infallible proofs.

I am waiting for your testimonies of divine encounters.

God BLESS you
Wonders Without End!

Jide Owomoyela