Greetings to you in the Name of our LORD and savior, Jesus Christ and congratulations on the just concluded 21-day prayer and fasting. It was indeed a time to build a strong, solid foundation for the year and I believe you were fully engaged in that spiritual exercise.

Having built on that spiritual foundation, it is unwise for us to relax. Just like in every construction project, construction workers do not stop after laying the foundation; they build on the foundation because just the Foundation of a building is not good enough for habitation. As a matter of truth, building on the foundation requires even more responsibility than building the foundation itself.

1 Corinthians 3:12 “But there are various kinds of materials that can be used to build on that foundation. Some use gold and silver and jewels; and some build with sticks and hay or even straw!” TLB

The scripture above clearly illustrates the various materials that can be used to build foundations. While some are wise enough to use materials such as gold and silver, others are careless enough to use hay and sometimes, even straw. It is interesting to know that one may work hard to build a strong foundation but become careless while building on the foundation.

Many years ago, I learned in my Chemistry class that gold the most noble of all metals. This explains why it has a higher value than most other metals. Presently, we are in the season of building on the foundation we have laid in the past 21 days and I admonish you to build on yours with “gold”.

Your case MUST remain different, but you need to build on your foundation wisely: “build with gold.”

God BLESS you.
Jide Owomoyela

“Watch out for next week’s edition of the series: From Pastor Jide’s Desk”