Greetings to you and welcome to another great week!
As we continue exploring the subject of Vision & Purpose, focusing mainly on things that hinder men from fulfilling their purpose in life, I’ll like to write on another factor called  FEAR.

FEAR shows up mostly because the Destiny God has ordained for man is beyond what the natural mind can fathom. As a matter of fact, every God-given vision is usually bigger than what the recipient of the vision can naturally handle. Interestingly, God does not expect anyone to fulfill Divine mandate with natural ability but rather sadly, many believers allow fear set in when they try to compare their limited natural abilities with the magnitude of the vision God has given to them.

Hebrew 10:35 “Do not, therefore, fling away your [fearless] confidence, for it&has a glorious and great reward.”  AMP

Regardless of the magnitude of your vision, keep your confidence in God because He sees you differently than your natural eyes will ever see. Moses feared because he was a stutterer but God saw a deliverer in him (Exodus 4:10). Gideon feared because he saw himself as the least in all things but God saw a great leader and Army General in him (Judges 6:22).

Apostle Paul, on the other hand, believed strongly and proclaimed the possibility of getting all things done because of his confidence in God (Philippians 4:13). That attitude made him overtake all the Apostles that began ministry before him; including those who lived and walked with Jesus in the flesh.
No fearful man ever fulfills his Glorious destiny that is why God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love and of a sound mind so rid yourself of fear today and begin to pursue that vision which God has shown to you.

You are no longer a slave to Fear because you are a child of God.

God BLESS you.