Greetings to you in the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ and welcome to this 5th month of the year, our month of an abundance of Grace.
This month, we will be exploring the subject of Vision &  Purpose and we are beginning this week with a focus on those things that hinder men from fulfilling their divine purposes in life, and our theme this week is a factor called IGNORANCE.

While in pursuit of God’s plan and purpose, the place of the acquisition of knowledge is one that cannot be ignored. There is a common saying that Knowledge is Power and I totally agree with that thought pattern because knowledge equips. This implies that it is important to acquire adequate knowledge for any God-inspired task before stepping out to obey that divine call.

Hosea 4:6 “Do “My people are destroyed because they have not learned. You were not willing to learn.…” NLV

According to the words of King Solomon in (Eccl 10:15), stepping out on a mission without adequate knowledge wearies the soul. In fact, he describes anyone who does that as being foolish.

Moses epitomizes the value of knowledge in the pursuit of a God-given assignment because the bible shows him spending time to acquire knowledge of the ways and customs of Egypt before his attempt to rescue the Israelites from the hands and torment of Pharaoh and Egypt (Acts 7:22). His prior knowledge of the tactics of the magicians in Egypt, coupled with Divine backing, made him a success story in that God-given task.

There is no doubt that some believers, really called by God, fail in their assignments because they neglected the place of learning.  They fail to see the example of Jesus Christ, who despite being the son of the  Most High  God, demonstrated the importance of the quest for knowledge when He sat in the midst of doctors to listen to them.

Remember that you are a child of Destiny, you have a Divine task but in addition to the Divine backing, you need to acquire knowledge in the areas of your call because ignorance could be very costly!

God BLESS you.