Greetings to you in Jesus Name and welcome to another great week.
As we cross from the month of April into the month of May this week, I will like us to conclude our series this month on a very high note by examining a very important key that grants access to Divine wisdom. It is the key of Wise Association.
The friendship or association you keep has much effect on you.

Matthew 7:245 “ He that walketh with the wise, shall be wise: a friend of fools shall become like to them.”  DRA

Many people are not conscious of this but every wise man is very mindful of those he associates with. Keeping unwise friends will rob a man of the fruits of the great potential God has placed in him because no one can be better than the kind of friendship they keep.

I have personally observed that a lot of people have realized that they are in unfruitful and unproductive friendships but they lack the courage to end such relationships. Your future is much more important than how people feel about you so if you are in an unfruitful relationship, the wise thing to do, is to end it because the Scriptures cannot be broken.

As we cross over into the month of May this week, please take time to evaluate the friends you have right now. Ask yourself questions regarding your current relationships and be sure that they are all productive.

After your honest evaluation, make a wise decision on those to retain as friends, those to part ways with and those to add as friends. As you do so, you are assured of flowing in Divine wisdom.

God BLESS you.