Greetings to you in Jesus Name and welcome to the month of August 2018.
This month, we will be exploring the subject of Success, particularly the keys to great and outstanding success.

Success is God’s desire for every one of His children. He takes pleasure in my success and your success because our success glorifies Him (Matthew 5:16). With this mindset, it is imperative that we take a look at what it takes to be successful. I’ll like us to begin this week with what I consider the foundational key – the key of Spiritual Empowerment.

Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit…” KJV

According to the scripture above, there is a limit to man’s might and power, so to have unlimited success, you need spiritual empowerment. Consider Jesus, the son of God Himself, He needed to be empowered in His earthly assignment before He could succeed in it. During His earthly ministry in Luke 4:14, you will notice that Jesus did not step out until He was first empowered. After being empowered, He launched out and till today, the effect of His ministry and success is still speaking loudly.

Another example is found in Isaiah 45, the story of Cyrus, a man who had a Divine task to deliver the Jews from captivity in order to rebuild Jerusalem. He succeeded in that assignment because he was empowered by God(Isaiah 45:1). This of course is not the only demand for success but it does form a solid foundation for outstanding success.

As we negotiate this month of August, remember that your success brings Glory to God and it is your responsibility to position yourself rightly to be empowered by God so that your life and results will bring Glory to Him.

God BLESS you!

Jide Owomoyela