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BOOKS OF THE MONTH – October, 2019

Pastor Jide loves to learn and therefore reads a lot. His favorite authors are Dr. David O. Oyedepo, Dr. Myles Munroe and John C. Maxwell.

He is a man of great humility and an embodiment of the grace of God. Read along with Pastor Jide and get ready to be a part of what God is doing in this season. Readers are truly Leaders.

What book is Pastor Jide reading this month?

 Understanding the Power of Praise
Understanding the Power of Praise - David Oyedepo

Anything the Good News dictates is foolishness to those who are lost, but to believers, the doing of it releases the power of God. Praise is the cheapest access to the Most High God. It is appreciating the acts of God in your life.The greatest obstacle facing you in life will never require more than praise to become a miracle.

In this book, Dr. David Oyedepo unveils the power of praise which has been ignored in the body of Christ. It provides a deeper understanding that:

You can praise your way out of penury into plenty, out of sickness into health, and out of smallness into greatness. Although prayer has its place, it cannot compete with praise in potency. Praise is much more effectual than the longest fast any man can engage in. You can pray amiss, but you cannot praise amiss. When you praise God, the greatness of His power shatters the plan of the enemies.

This book will introduce you to a new way of living a lifestyle of praise.

The Purpose and Power of Praise & Worship
The Purpose and Power of Praise & Worship- Dr. Myles Munroe

Every manufactured product was made to function within the context of specified guidelines and an ideal environment in order to achieve it’s maximum performance.The presence of God is the established ideal atmosphere in which mankind was designed to function.

From more than 30 years of ministry, teaching, and study, Dr. Myles Munroe presents rock-solid, time-tested principles that break new ground in the exploration of the complex issues of praise and worship.

We can overcome every trial of life and win the victory every time by praising God with a heart full of love and gratitude and this amazing book will equip and prepare you to move from ritual to a dynamic relationship, from form to fullness, and will ignite your passion for God’s presence.

The Untapped Power in Praise
The Untapped Power in Praise- Kenneth W. Hagin

There is an untapped power in praising God that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has yet to discover.
There is unlimited power just waiting to be released on the inside of every believer.
It is the power of praise!

Trials can be overcome and victories can be won by praising God – praising Him just because you love Him and because you believe in His ability to do for you what He has promised.
The power of God is always available to set you free, but you tap into that power by praise. Praise keeps your eyes off the circumstances and onto God who performs wonders for you.

Praise is the language of faith. In this book you will learn about the Praise Cure, Your Spiritual Jerichos, obtaining the full measure of God’s blessing, and much more. In this book, Kenneth W. Hagin explains how we can tap into the power of God through heartfelt praise. Praise is the language of faith!

Face Down
Face Down - Matt Redman

Most believers understand that worship is not a compartmentalized aspect of the Christian experience but rather it is the motivation-the driving force-behind all that we do and are. We exist to worship God. For years we have been basking in God’s love and worshiping Him with uplifted hands and hearts.

Now we need to go deeper and see that God is also an awesome, mysterious being that should engender our silent, even dumbstruck-reverence for His holiness, His “otherness”. Until we are undone by the knowledge of who God is in all His glory, we will only touch the edges of true worship.

Matt Redman says, “When we face up to the glory of God, we find oursleves face down in worship.” This book shows the biblical record of those who found themselves prostrate before God..

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