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Pastor Jide loves to learn and therefore reads a lot. His favorite authors are Dr. David O. Oyedepo, Dr. Myles Munroe and John C. Maxwell.

He is a man of great humility and an embodiment of the grace of God. Read along with Pastor Jide and get ready to be a part of what God is doing in this season. Readers are truly Leaders.

What book is Pastor Jide reading this month?

 Walking in the Newness of Life
Walking in the Newness of Life- David Oyedepo
Walking In The Newness Of Life is a pungent epoch-making presentation of Holiness aimed at
tracing and trapping sin, so as to establish a trail of Holiness in our Christian walk. By prophecy,
the end-time Church is programmed to enjoy unexplainable and unbeatable beauty, honor and
glory as the arrival of the Bridegroom approaches.Dr. David Oyedepo, in this book, shows how a believer can step out of shame, reproach and
affliction (created by sin) into a super highway of holiness, purity and righteousness. It will also
show you how to leave the wilderness and step into Canaan.The cheapest, do-it-yourself answer to the issue of freedom from satanic oppressions and
demonic influences is contained in Walking In The Newness Of Life.

Discipline yourself for Godliness
Discipline yourself for Godliness - John S. Barnett
Life comes at us from every direction with instructions others think we should follow. But worldly strategies often leave out one key directive God s plan for our lives, the World-filled life. Dr. Barnett closely studied the nearly 3,000 lives recorded in the Bible, as well as many of the major figures who have crossed the world s stage to find those God used to magnify His Name in this world.The common denominator was their choosing to discipline themselves for God, to find the quality life that He wants for each of us. The Scriptures offer instruction on how to have a joyous Word-filled life that includes better relationships with our God, our families, our friends, and a work life that can be satisfying, purposeful, and rewarding.
This richly researched and practical study guide of God s Word shows how He wants to greatly bless us and offers His clear guidelines for how to have an exciting lifetime filled with confidence, purpose, direction, and hope.

The Practice of Godliness
The Practice of Godliness- Jerry Bridges

“Godliness has value for all things.” ―1 Timothy 4:8 (NIV)

How can you develop godly character? Bestselling author Jerry Bridges says that godliness is more than a character trait: “It is a foundational spiritual quality that makes the entire Christian life dynamic, effective, and pleasing to God.” Growing in godliness is a twofold process. It involves an ever-deepening devotion to God and developing character that is steadily transformed into His likeness.

In The Practice of Godliness, the sequel to the popular book The Pursuit of Holiness, readers will learn how laying an inward foundation of God-centeredness will permit them to build an outward structure of godliness. Character formation will never be the same! Discussion guide included.

The Power Of Personal Integrity
The Power Of Personal Integrity - Charles Dyer

The author examines the various characteristics of integrity, explaining what each is, giving contemporary and biblical examples, and interpreting practical steps to develop that quality in our lives.Today’s headlines highlight society’s problems, but then the pundits simplistically push the blame off on big business, big government, or some other faceless entity. Yet—with the exception of natural disasters—most problems are caused by people… people who put money, power, or personal gain ahead of the bedrock values of character and integrity. We are all now collectively paying the price for years of selfish excess brought on by these behaviors.

This book is about integrity, character, and values. The key qualities needed to live a life of integrity will be explained and illustrated through the stories of men and women in the Bible. Conduct reveals character, and we best understand integrity when we see it lived out in a person’s life.

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