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BOOKS OF THE MONTH – September, 2019

Pastor Jide loves to learn and therefore reads a lot. His favorite authors are Dr. David O. Oyedepo, Dr. Myles Munroe and John C. Maxwell.

He is a man of great humility and an embodiment of the grace of God. Read along with Pastor Jide and get ready to be a part of what God is doing in this season. Readers are truly Leaders.

What book is Pastor Jide reading this month?

Keys to Divine Health
Keys to Divine Health - David Oyedepo

Science is facing its most serious test in finding solutions to diseases and plagues. The devil is introducing new incurable diseases into the world day and night, and the efficacy of medical science is threatened seriously. But thank God, there is always a solution in God.
God has provided some basic information as solutions to sickness and diseases in the world. Divine health is for now, not in heaven. You would not need it there. It is here that it is needed and it is available now. For anything that is stated in God’s word, there is always a way of enjoying it.
The way to enjoying divine health is clearly stated out for you in Keys to Divine Health. Enjoy!

The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ
The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ- Faith Oyedepo

Jesus, the great physician, is not just a specialist; He is a generalist. He is still in the active service of healing all manner of diseases and sicknesses He never refers any case to someone else and no case is too difficult for Him to handle, including yours!

Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo, in this new book reveals to you the inexhaustible characteristics, potentials and invincibility that make Jesus Christ unique!

Find out more by taking a glimpse into this fresh, exciting and didactic book

Christ the Healer
Christ the Healer - F. F. Bosworth

F. F. Bosworth’s earnest prayer was that many thousands would learn to apply the promises of God’s Word to their lives through his book, Christ the Healer. Bosworth offers an astonishing discussion of healing, based on the premise that Jesus redeemed us from our diseases when he atoned for our sins. This classic on healing, first released in 1924, has sold more than 500,000 copies and continues to enrich and inspire new readers every day.
This revised and expanded edition includes a brand-new foreword and epilogue on the remarkable life and healing of the author himself, written by his son.

The Healing Anointing
The Healing Anointing- Kenneth Hagin

Receive What Belongs to You! Many believers understand the operation of faith and the role it must play in receiving healing or other blessings outlined in the Word. But too few understand the operation of the healing anointing or the healing power of God and the role it plays in divine healing.
In this book, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains the similarities of electricity-natural power-and the supernatural healing power of God. Both of these powers operate effectively and benefit mankind through his understanding of the laws that govern them.

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